The New R Project

Hello everyone !
First of all, I would like to thank all of you for considering my project !

Have a pleasant reading !

The New Era’s project :

Construction of an eco-factory with a manufacturing capacity which may vary according to the need, from 1000 to 3000 houses per year.

This factory will be built with natural materials.

Wastes will be used by a new generation gasification plant with very strong profitability for the energy and ecological production able to supply this plant and vehicles.

Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of houses whose parts are ready to be assembled.

The main objective is to have a local production : not to import any raw material (wood, straw, land). There should be no loss.

Straw is a waste often burnt, so it shall be recovered.

Harvested trees for timber exploitation shall be replanted.


Why this project is a true-value ?

As the ecological challenge is vital for the Planet, , unlike the whole constructions made nowdays, we don’t use any manufactured or processed material throught grey energy nor fossile ressources for our build. For example : for producing insulation such as polystyrene, glass wool, bricks…, manufacturies consume a lot of fossil energy.

Walls will be built differently according to whether you are in Asia, France or anywhere. Indeed, in order to obtain the best insulation, several technical factors are to be met depending on, among other things, hygometry.

These houses are in fact like breathing and living organic matters, providing self-regulation and very law energy consumption.

Severe lack of housing is being increasingly recognised everywhere in the world.

Implement our project would be the beginning of an adequate response to this shortage.

For this design could be duplicated as may be necessary.

Unemployment is a scourge affecting our society.

Our concept involves implementing training programs for new construction professions.

To get our project started, about 1500 jobs will be created and replicated in each new plant.

Nowdays, a large part of population develops allergies. By 2050, the specialists announce that one in two inhabitant in the world will have allergies. Nowdays, some of these are caused by construction materials. Our technique using natural and unprocessed materials, can therefore eliminate any allergy linked with such phenomenom.

All we need :

The cost of constructing a plant is 75 000 000, 00 EUR.

If we obtain at least 20 % of the amount , for a total of 15 000 000,00 EUR (plus 10 per cent of Indiegogo charge and banking costs), we could borrow from banks and obtain financial guarantees. If we get more, we will have less money to borrow to complete easily our project. We will also request financial help from the Foundation et the NGOs. At the same time, we are working with a law practice specializing in fundraising.

In case we have less financial support, we will manufacture a smaller plant but if we obtain more, we could open more factories in several countries.


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